Moving Captions

I’ve been experiencing a problem with placing captions and having them stay in the same place. I place a caption, and then a day later after I have quit and restarted the program, the caption moves a few pixels to the left without me moving it. Is this a bug?

I have never heard of something like that before. Could you please provide us with the exact steps you took to reproduce? Thanks!

I’m not positive how it happens, but all I know is after I have totally restarted the program and opened up a file, most of the captions mysteriously move to the left a little. Do you think it has anything to do with me using a font management program? It’s really frustrating since I have to constantly reposition the captions. I would love to solve the problem of course!

I am sorry, I tried hard but could not reproduce this… I can now only offer that if this happens again you send us the .fms file (zipped) so we have a look at it…

In addition to this moving caption problem, I get crashes at least once a session when changing captions around. I thought perhaps the captions were moving because I had the actual text box way too large. In a lot of cases the caption box is going off the screen. I attempted to close up the text box but had some issues with this. I first clicked inside the text box, and dragged the right side of the box over to the left to make the box smaller. Then when I click out of the box, it goes right back to the same size as before. But then when I click inside of it again, it goes to the smaller size! It’s incredibly frustrating.

Again, I can only offer you compress and send the .fms file to us together with a reference to this thread if you want us to help you…

Alright, I am going to send you the fonts I am using as well as just the first few slides of the show. Is that ok? What email should I send it to?

Please send the .fms file (compressed). The email address is support(a)boinx(dot)com.
Are you using special fonts? This could be the reason for this behavior…