More layers needed like those available on

I dont have the time or skills to design custom layers, yet BoinxTV is limiting my creativity - please have a look at and give us options to purchase

motionvfx creates effects for motion & AE. These all are based on a completely different technology, so we can’t directly incorporate these. We offer to build 100% custom layers that do whatever you want them to do, but with the $999 price tag, these are in a completely different area. PLease feel free to leave suggestions to what you’d like to see (visually) in future updates since we always try to enhance our available layers.

Thanks Bastian. I fully understand when you say you cant incorporate Motion or AE effects. But when I look at the pricing of these effects ($49), I can only imagine they profit from multiple purchases instead of a few ‘big’ sales. So the option would be to buy these effects and then render in AfterEffects or Motion before using it in BoinxTV. If I was going to spend $999 per effect, I would likely be using dedicated studio hardware (Tricaster, BroadcastPix or Blackmagic’s Atem) or perhaps more professional systems. If you had ten or twenty effects similar to news opens and news lower third titles, I would end up buying all of them over time - provided they were similarly priced. And I think other BoinxTV users would also buy them. Just my thoughts, looking forward to hering from you.

I see your point, I just assume the client base that is interested in this is way lower that for AE/Motion effects. Nevertheless, are layer packs on the todo list. It might not be 100% what you want but will be close to what you have in mind. It’s gonna take a while though.

Could you please explain how investing $999 in hardware instead would solve the issue of having custom gfx and animations? I might be missing something here.

Hi Bastian
That is great news (the layer packs on your to-do list;-) !!
Regarding the custom gfx - from what I have learnt and please correct me if I am wrong - a product like tricaster 40 (entry level) allows importing Apple Motion gfx or building own.
BHphotovideo says about Tricaster 40 ($5000):
You can add titles, images, and graphics to your show, importing your own original artwork, choosing from a variety of included templates, or building new designs using the included LiveText application
So what I am saying is that IF I was willing to spend $1000 on one (1) effect for Boinxtv, I should also be able, and more wiling, to spend $5000 instead on Tricaster. Make no mistake, I LOVE BOINXTV, because it fits my current budget, and I will gladly expand my layers. Only when I’ve grown to a different level I will move on to more dedicated systems.

To my knowledge (it is ~2 years old), the tricaster lets you import static images for lower thirds and pre-rendered videos with alpha channels, this differs a lot from having custom built animation and stuff. I see your point though.

How cool would it be to have BOINX as a clearing house for purchasing individual “module” layer effects. The $49 price point wouldn’t break the bank and and quality product would certainly sell 50+ users. Just saying…

Not sure this is the right place to ask it, but I want to buy a custom layer; don’t have time to learn how to do it myself. Is it really $999? Geesh. Can’t afford that. Suggestions? I started down the path of registering as an apple developer until it said I had to pay $99 to get started. Any other way to design a layer?

You need Quartz composer. Simply download XCode from the Mac Appstore, and in the Xcode menu, you will be able to download additional content. You don’t need a paid developer account. There is a tutorial on how to get it: