Monterey Beta Dropped!

Anyone brave enough to try Mimo on Monterey yet?

I’m not! But excited to hear what the pros think or experience?

To be honest I’d appreciate a bit more slack on the CPU and if Monterey helped with that I’d be keen to switch (at the appropriate time).

I’m not.
I stayed in Mojave (cMP 5.1) and Catalina (16" MP 2019) and I am very pleased.

No bugs, no headaches.

Monterey? good luck with that! (even if you are in Big sur I also wish you luck!)

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Is anyone using Monterey? Will it work with the latest Mimolive?

I’m on MBP 2018 i9 and constantly at the limit of CPU triggering kernel task. I dont know if Monterey will help at all or even make this worse.

Many thanks for any advice.

Hi @Nick_Booker I’m using Monterey for some time now. My feeling is that it is better than Big Sur but I guess it probably depends on the Mac model.

But I doubt that it will help much with the work load. New features usually mean also more CPU load…

Thanks. Ok well I might just take a chance tonight🤞