Mixing 3x2 and 16x9 images

Hi there,

Is there anyway I can follow a series of 3x2 images using all of the height of a screen by a series of 16x9 using all the width of the screen?

So far I managed to put all the images in a slideshow but the 16x9s show up in the width of the window of the 3x2 images. So the 16x9 are clipped at the sides.
I do realise that the 3x2s will have blank / black sidebars whilst the 16x9s will have blank / black top and bottom but that’s okay as long as there are no parts of the images clipped.
Showing the 16x9s in the width of the 3x2s leaves even more space on top and at the bottom so I want to prevent that.

For obvious reasons I already put in a blank slide between both series but from what I’m now experiencing, I need to create two separate series that I somehow have to glue together.

Thanks for any tips!


Regardless of which setting you choose (3:2 or 16:9), you’re going to have black bars along the top or the sides if you’re mixing and matching different sized images, so there’s no way around that unless you want to clip the image. You can only have ONE of the above settings for any particular slide show. If you want the images to FIT no matter which setting you have, under the main menu choose Settings > Animation Assistant… and click on the “Fit to Stage” check boxes for Horizontal and Vertical images (see the attached screen grab). That will scale the images appropriately to fit the stage without clipping.

Hi stantastic,

Thanks for your response.
I do see / understand what these options will do but that will make th borders even wider / higher as an 3x2 image will need to fit in the stage of a 16x9 making it smaller in height and hence the borders on the side will be bigger.
Similar for 16x9 images that need to fit in a 3x2 stage. They will be less wide but because of that also less heigh and hence bigger borders at top or bottom.

I would more go for an option (if available) that would adjust the stage according to the image.


I always have a 16x9 stage since my slideshows are uploaded in 4k to YouTube. However, the images I use can be of all shapes and sizes. I arrange them “artistically”, occasionally placing an image to one side of the stage, or two images on show at the same time. However, I try to shoot 16x9 these days with my camera.

Guess you’d have to ask the guys at Boinx for that – for as long as I remember, there’s never been an option to have multiple stage sizes within a single slide presentation. Doesn’t mean it CAN’T be done, just not within the current (or past) version. There might be some underlying code that makes mixing stage sizes undoable. Couldn’t hurt to ask for that feature, though.

I always use the 16x9 stage as well. With more area to work with, it’s easier to be more creative with multiple images, overlays, animations, titles, etc. We usually project these onto large 4K displays directly from the computer through an HDMI connection, which maintains the high resolution that we want. The 3x2 stage is a bit restrictive – and we’re not concerned with the black borders if the images themselves don’t conform to the 16x9 aspect ratio. But, ya know, to each his own :wink:

I find it easier to upload my 4k slideshows to YouTube, then I can send links to friends who might want to watch them, and also link to them myself via the YouTube app on my smart TV.
I also like 16;9 for the creative freedom it gives, although I now try to compose in that format in the camera. Shooting RAW of course means they render as 4:3 so need to be cropped.