missing slides after movie export

I’ve a problem with my actual fotomagico 3 project. I do photobooth videos with very short times per slide (in the actual case 0,8 seconds per slide, adequately to the beat of the music). This worked in all my last videos, but in the actual slideshow, all is fine if I play the show in the program, but when I export it to .mov oder .mp4, some pictures are missing (about 10 from 250 images) and instead only a black screen appears. All the pictures are in the timeline (and I do not have the “missing media error” described in other discussions). What is also interesting that I have the little question marks over all my thumbnails in the timeline saying that the time per picture is too short as the transistion time would be more than the display time. This is not true as there is no transition as I chose “cut” for all the transitions.

Can anybody help me? My clients are coming next week and I do not have a solution…

Transition time/duration time: The application reminds you with the exclamation mark that in the case of real time playback it may be a problem to load the next slide within the short given time. Even if you use a cut transition the app only has 0.8 secs to initialize the next slide (load it from disc, uncompress it and upload it to the graphics card. depending on the size of your media this can take much longer than 1 secs.

Missing movies in export: However this “loading time” isn’t relevant to the export because FotoMagico takes all the time its need to prepare any media needed. There must be a different problem with it. Are you using separate audio files in your slideshow? Does it work if you remove those audio files?

thank you for your reply. I have one audio file running. I’ll check if it’s running better without the audio file and get back to you soon.