Missing Media - still no fix?

When reopening my saved project most of the media files (photos) has gone missing. Files and project file are all located in a folder on desktop and has not been moved. I’ve been reading previous posts on this forum and see that many others but I haven’t found any solution . (I have tried cleaning out the library… All updates installed)

Please help!


Thank you Boinx for ripping me off and keeping the users in the dark!!! You obviously knew about the problem and still sell Fotomagico to unaware customers.
BTW this was tech support reply:

Thank you for contacting Boinx Software Support Team.
We are sorry for the inconveniences. Unfortunately at this moment there is no “once and for all” fix for this. However, developers are working on it and you should see the update in future releases of FotoMagico.

Meanwhile, please try to collect your media in a single new folder (you could put it on the desktop) and work from there.
We are sorry for the inconveniences and hope to fix as soon as possible.

Feel free to write us back we’ll be happy to assist you.

I understand your disappointment. We are working hard on this problem since we got aware of it. Because the symptoms are so differently we didn’t succeed to fix the issue with the last updates. But thanks to all the provided support by our loyal customers we hopefully found the reason and now working on the solution. Please be patient! Thank you!

Ich hab das gleiche Problem. Sehr ärgerlich !!!

Same here!!! Sorry, aber das ist jetzt nicht wahr oder? Will Euch nur folgendes einmal in Erinnerung rufen: Ich (und ich denke alle anderen User hier) haben 89,00 Euro für eure Software bezahlt und dann sind wir Beta User??

I’ve been having the same issue. Each and every time I reopen Fotomagico 4 I get the “missing files” error and have to rebuild 66 music and image files. It’s maddening!

But there IS a fix and it’s really a very simple fix. Go to your created and saved Fotomagico File and right-click on it and choose, “Show Package Contents”. Inside you will find these folders: Audio, Images, Cache, QuickLook and Titles. Open your Images folder and drop all of the photos you are working from or missing into that folder. In my case I had over 300 images and didn’t want to take the time to catalogue the missing ones and thus only replace those, so I just put all possible in that folder.

When I reopened the slideshow, all of the photos were in place, but the music was missing again. So I closed the app and looked in the Audio folder and sure enough the music files were missing too. I dropped in the music files in and the next time I opened the slideshow in Fotomagico 4 all of the photos were in place and all of the music was too.

I’m in the process of exporting to Quicktime to test my solution. If it turns out that the slides are still missing I’ll post a note, but I’ve opened the slideshow several times post-fix on two different Macs and they all populate each time, so I believe this is a reliable fix. Is this just a fix for my Mac on my system? I doubt it, but I’d be interested to see if this fixes things across the board for all users with this issue.

It seems odd to me that the Boinx staff could not come up with this solution for their customers within a few minutes. What was the 4.23 “fix” really about?


@CevauGe & @LionelTwain: Es tut uns schrecklich Leid, daß uns mit dem 4.2.3 Update dieses Missgeschick passiert ist. Wir haben gehofft mit einem Fix das Programm stabiler zu kriegen (was uns an einer Stelle auch gelungen ist) aber haben dadurch einen neuen Fehler eingebaut. Wir betrachten unsere Kunden keineswegs als Beta-Tester sonder nehmen jedes Feedback sehr ernst! Unsere Hauptentwickler für FotoMagico sitzt an seinem Schreibtisch und arbeitet an der Lösung während ich diese Zeilen schreibe, bitte habt noch ein bisschen Geduld!

@ipswichclam: Thank you for providing this simple fix. Hopefully this will help other users to fix their slideshows. The 4.2.3 update was about the problem that FotoMagico was only able to open about 3000 files in one running session, enforced by the MacOS-X which caused problems working with many images in one slideshow: Each image needs multiple access points to the filesystem (e.g. thumbnail, cache, original location etc.) and even 3000 sounds quite a large number, but it will go down to about 500 images in one show. Also if you opened multiple slideshow documents at once this number goes down even more. Our lead developer for FotoMagico is currently working on the solution for the missing file problem as I write this post. Thanks again for your patients!

@ipswichclam: Thanks for your explaination of this workaround. I’ll try that.

@Achim: Ja, sorry dass mein Post gestern etwas “aufbrausend” war…hab gestern eure Software nachdem ich mein OSX extra dafür Upgedatet hab gekauft und war “dezent” sauer als das Problem auftrat und ich merkte dass es sich bei mir um keinen Einzelfall handelt…hoffe dass es bald eine Lösung ohne workaround gibt.

Not happy!
Updated FM, worked for 2 hours on a project saving frequently. FM crashed and now all image files “missing”. Workaround as suggested not working for me.
Complete waste of time and effort!

@ Boinx: news about the update??

The ‘fix’ didn’t work for me. A project I’ve been working on for a month still loses about a dozen images (out of 140) every time I make any changes in the timing of the slides or their order. Is it really that difficult? This program would be outstanding if you could just figure this problem out.

Okay, this is a killer issue. I can no longer work in Fotomagico and I have a big timeline. Yikes. Look, previous versions worked just fine. Can you please provide a download link to the previous version without this problem. I don’t need any of the fancy new features, but I do need basic functionality.

Hi everyone. We released a pubic beta version of FotoMagico 4.3! This should fix the problems with missing media files.

If you are interested in testing this version and giving us feedback about it, please read this post carefully!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The FotoMagico project files once opened with 4.3 aren’t backward compatible! They can’t be opened with earlier versions anymore! Please make duplicates of your projects before opening them with this beta version!

  • Download FotoMagico 4.3b2 from the link below. Your web browser will download and extract it to your download folder.
  • You can move the downloaded application anywhere in your system, there is no need to delete the earlier version of FotoMagico, they can co-exist in your file system. However you have to be careful not to double click any FotoMagico slideshow project! MacOS-X is choosing an application version by random if no FotoMagico is currently running. So please when having FotoMagico beta installed only open up project files with the dedicated “File > Open…” menu item of FotoMagico to make sure that you open the right file with the right version of FotoMagico. Double check the running version in the “FotoMagico > About FotoMagico” window to make sure you are in the right version of the app.
  • Please make duplicates of your FotoMagico projects in Finder before opening them in this beta version! Once they get saved with this beta version they won’t open in earlier versions anymore!
  • If you have finished your testing you can move the beta version to the trash. MacOS-X won’t start applications from here.


Any feedback is highly appreciated! Thank you very much for your patience and support!

I tried this version and it did not work. Even with a complete new project I got missing files again.
I have 574 pics in the slideshow. Is this beta version able to handle more that 3000 files (500pics) or is this causing the problem.

Thanks René

I’m trying to finalize a 400+ image and video presentation on 4.23 that I just purchased from the App Store (for $100), and have the missing file issue that has cost several, needless hours of rebuilding. I’m trying to use the public beta to get the project done, but can’t license it. The “Choose App” function on the beta Purchase Assistant is non-functional. The “Recover your license” feature here returns only my version 2 and 3 license keys. Please help.

I found a workaround that at least helps in my project: I NEVER (really NEVER) use the “Save” function anymore, only “Save as”. Since I save as a new file every time I want to save my file, the missing image problem doesn´t occur anymore. And I had it all the time and got really frustrated.

@Frank_H: You can send your iTunes receipted to support(at)boinx.com and ask for a license for the download version.

The latest beta adds quick repair of slideshows with missing media files. Download it at:


More coming in the next few days.

Once again a new beta:


This one makes the search algorithm for missing files even more robust, e.g. when the original files came from your desktop computer, but you’re away somewhere with your MacBook. You still want to repair the missing files (they are on the disk of you MacBook), the new algorithm tries to find them there as well.