missing media files

I am using fotomagico for the first time and up against an increasingly near deadline to complete a slide show

i keep getting the message that i have missing media files: some media files are missing so i wont be able to play or export it correctly

i cant find what the solution is to this and dont want to spend hours for nothing.

any suggestions?
thanks in advance

and now the whole thing crashed and im missing most of my media files…so happy i spent $99 on this today

Me too. Fotomagico now crashes every time I try to open an existing file when I open fotomagico first. If I open an existing file it works.

WHen I try to copy and paste slides from an existing file in to new .fms file, the new media files remain missing. I am using the new 4.2.2b. Maybe best togo back to an old version.

Missing media files are the bane of my existence. This is a deal breaker. Suggest you dump Apple’s sandboxing until it is ready for prime time. I’ve now just opened a slideshow created with the earlier version and it reports many missing image files (now using the latest version, 4.2.2. All those files are have disappeared from the package. I’ve manually added them back in, but what a lot of work.

And now after spending hours adding them back in, they are gone again. This renders Fotomagico unusable. It needs fixing ASAP.

I should add that with the missing media files the presentations are now unable to be shared with the standalone player, which hangs on the missing files. Ain’t life great?