Missing Image File error during slideshow playback

Hi all, I am using Fotomagico 4 and have a slideshow composed of 75 pictures. All the pictures are imported and visible in the bottom panel. However, when I play my slideshow, some pictures do not appear on the show, instead i get a black screen with an exclamation point in a yellow triangle saying “Missing Image File”. How can I fix this?

I am having the same problem. I can see the images in the “images” panel on the right and the thumbnails on the bottom but get a “missing image file” message above. The “find missing files” option is grayed out in the menues. The more I try to fix them the worse it gets. I am using a mac.

This issue has caused me to have to abort on a very important once a year show. I tried to recreate and it started all over again after bringing all the image and dv files into the same folder. I am getting notices that the OS security will not allow access to images when saving.
This is a nightmare and major disappointment for me.

I am also getting this after “upgrading” to ver 4.2.3 (previously Mac ver 4.2.3 which actually worked just fine). I even tried opening a previous slide show and after a few edits in v4.2.3 it too started to show the “missing images” errors. The other thing that has happened with my “upgrade” is that any standalone app that is exported does not advance the slides but is stuck on slide 1 -the sound track keeps working but you’re stuck on slide 1.

Do NOT upgrade to to v4.2.3 -there’s something wrong with it. This is not the first time that Boinx has messed up and sadly, they don’t warn folks even after they know it’s bad… lots of times you have to call and get a “secret” download location… sigh.

Hello all! Please apologize for all the inconvenience! We are still working hard on the problem and our internal tests are promising. Hopefully we can start a public beta phase soon. Thank you for your patients!

See my comments about a fix to this problem.


@IPS - Where are your comments about a fix to this problem? Can you post here?

Sure. I hope this works for others as well.

I have posted this in another thread that discusses the issue, but the results of my efforts have been so positive that I thought I should post a new thread with what I believe is the solution for F4 users who have this problem. I did a search online but have not seen this solution elsewhere, if it is already posted . . . my bad.

I’ve been having the same issue since using F4 on a friend’s Mac. Each and every time I reopen Fotomagico 4 I get the “missing files” error and have to rebuild 66 music and image files. It’s maddening!

But there IS a fix and it’s really a very simple fix. Go to your created and saved Fotomagico File and right-click on it and choose, “Show Package Contents”. Inside you will find these folders: Audio, Images, Cache, QuickLook and Titles. Open your Images folder and drop all of the photos you are working from or missing into that folder. In my case I had over 300 images and didn’t want to take the time to catalogue the missing ones and thus only replace those, so I just put all possible in that folder.

When I reopened the slideshow, all of the photos were in place, but the music was missing again. So I closed the app and looked in the Audio folder and sure enough the music files were missing too. I dropped in the music files in and the next time I opened the slideshow in Fotomagico 4 all of the photos were in place and all of the music was too.

I’m in the process of exporting to Quicktime to test my solution. If it turns out that the slides are still missing I’ll post a note, but I’ve opened the slideshow several times post-fix on two different Macs and they all populate each time, so I believe this is a reliable fix. Is this just a fix for my Mac on my system? I doubt it, but I’d be interested to see if this fixes things across the board for all users with this issue.


Very cool! Keep us posted! Thank you.

I did just look at the exported Quicktime and all of the image files were in place and working after applying the “fix”.


Thanks for the suggestion, ipswichclam. I have a question, though. My slideshow has about 140 photos and two songs and two video clips. I lose about a dozen photos when I reopen the slideshow after having made changes. The photos are taken from different folders on my Mac, and they’re all pulled from iPhoto.

Are you saying I need to find those folders and put all the images into the Images folder from that slideshow? I want to make sure I can still access these photos in iPhoto in the future, and I want to make sure that duplicate files don’t hurt the slideshow.


wow, this is horrible. lost media 3 times today. i’m disgusted that a premium product like this fails so badly

@andrew610: Sorry for your data loss!

  1. Which version of the app are you using?
  2. Which MacOS are you running?
  3. did you store the images on an external hard drive?
  4. Did you save your project to a proper location right after creating it?