Missing Codec Message

Hooked up my IPEVO (per the Bionx blog’s suggestion) and am making my first movie with Express. When I go to preview it or try to save it I get the following error message:
“Unable to decompress selected caneras image format because a suitable codec is missing. A proper codec is included in Apple’s Pro applications such as Final Cut Pro or Logic Studio.”
I do see the preview (wonderful!) but then the IPEVO is no longer a selection in Source and I have to close the program to do anything with it.
Any clues?

I found the answer. Had searched the forum using “codec” and “decompress” which turned up nothing. Reading through I found it buried in another post. I need to switch to DV (can’t with this camera) or get the codec.
I’m not so sure about the quality of what I’m getting with the IPEVO, so am going to shoot some stills and put them in iStopMotion to compare.

I also get the same message using the built-in camera of my MacBookPro…The strange thing is that it works for some frames, it records, it renders the sequence, and then suddenly the terrifying message is popping up and everything stops…Any clue?

I loaded my camera’s driver software which has stopped this error. Also check out codec’s for mac http://www.apple.com/quicktime/resources/components.html