Missing assets/ folders on reopening FM project

If I have attached a folder(s) to my project and quit to say work on something else when I reopen up the original FM project the browser on the rhs does not show the folder(s) that I had dragged in their even for that specific project I was working on.

If I have further work to do (which is always) then I have to dig around and reattach those folders. Not a huge problem if it is done say the next day but not if it is say weeks or months away. OR I am doing something wrong and too dumb to notice :wink:

Needs addressing

The usual behavior for FotoMagico should be that those image folders in the image browser are persistent. So something is going wrong here. Are those image folders located on an external hard disc? If the location of those folders are changing FotoMagico don’t get permission to access them again by the MacOS du to the Sandbox-feature of the system.

The photos are in folders on one of my my fixed hard drives. I have since finished the project but have seen the same when I have tried a new project, dragged a folder to the media area saved and closed down. When opened up again the folder is missing from the media area.

Please, try to reset FotoMagico preferences.
Delete all the files, that have com.boinx.fotomagico… from folder
To get into Library folder on Lion, open up Finder, click “Go” on the top
bar of the screen. Hold option key and Library folder will appear in the
drop down menu.
Relaunch FotoMagico.