mimoLive with Facebook or Periscope?

I have tried my first mimoLive (2.5) broadcast to Facebook yesterday. In the past I used BoinxTV with Akamai streaming servers but decided to try the new features in mimoLive. All seemed ok from the upload side, however, we got a lot of negative comments from Facebook and Twitter about the quality of the stream. Not sure what is going on but most likely will not stream to Facebook again. I am keen on trying Periscope producer, does anyone have experience with this and mimoLive?


Luis (Video Producer, Tech guy Leicester Squash Club)

Luis, sorry to hear about the Facebook Live troubles. We generally have good results with Facebook Live streaming.

As far as Periscope Producer is concerned, apparently, it gives you access to RTMP streaming settings which should, in theory, work with mimoLive. However, since we do not yet have access to Periscope Producer, we can not give a final statement.

If you get access, let us know and we can work together to figure it out.

I just looked at the recorded Facebook streams and they look ok. Maybe the people complaining had a bad internet connection?

We use FaceBook live stream with great success. When hearing streaming user comments, as Oliver says, it’s good to check with multiple users. We always stream back to ourselves on a separate device to monitor the stream.

Update: I’ve been able to test Periscope with mimoLive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Jo0KWaVMPM

Does anyone know if it’s possible to stream to multi platforms at once? I see the serveer name and key settings. Would be cool to stream to FBL, Peri and YT at the same time.

Jeff, we recommend using Joicaster for multi-endpoint streaming.

Since we would have to have a separate H.264 encoding process for each streaming endpoint, the burden on the CPU would be too much.

Also, Facebook is very clear about not wanting us to support other streaming endpoints when streaming to Facebook.