Mimolive reporter - what's happening

I’ll be using ML reporter this weekend for an event (PAX Australia) and getting familiar with the product as part of my preparation has lead to some questions. With the release of high powered devices like the most recent iPads and iPad pros, are there any plans to increase the capability of ML Reporter? For example, the lower thirds are quite rudimentary, especially when compared to the recent lower thirds packs that was released for Mimolive (I’d like to be able to include a logo image in the L3, for example). I’d also love an audio layer with “ducking” capability.

I’m aware that what I’m asking for can be done using MLR as a mimocall client but that means using two people to produce the reporter-show, instead of one.

Finally, there seems to be a bug when using an external mic. With a mic plugged in (via lightning) any tap on the mic control in MLR disables the mic entirely, requiring a force exit and restart of MLR before it starts working again.

I can relate. And what’s with android? Why no app for android?

because they are not an android shop. all the tech they’re using is apple-centric. it would be a lot of work and support to port over. more then welcome to find an android alternative.

Are you kidding me? I’m a Mimolive “fan boy” i dont want an alternative, amidst all the fight i got at work for what live production software to use among a vast pool of choices “OBS, Wirecast…ETC” I was the only one in the meeting preaching Boinx’s mimolive then everyone had to accept it after seeing the features it boasts. So i dont want it to fall short so others can point it out. " all the tech they’re using is apple-centric" Have you ever used the mimocall feature? have you ever used it with the partner using safari while trying to call the mimolive in studio? guess what it crashes the whole program, mimolive just quits. Firefox it quits. Only one that works is “Google’s Chrome Browser” I love Google Chrome i also love Android. Most people in this part of the world has Android anyways.

Imagine doing a live production and sending out the invitation link for someone to call in live and that person is an ios user… they click the link, it opens in safari and they try to connect to mimolive in studio where the guys at the controls will be waiting… then BAAMMM mimolive crashes because someone called using safari and or firefox… That is chaos my man. Needs to be addressed @Oliver_Boinx & @Achim_Boinx

The invitation Link also breaks after connecting three or four times, it stops connecting all together.

@203 hey, if you’re having issues, please post & ask for assistance / post as bugs, etc. I think you’ll get a better response then asking for android version, which boinx has not done before. kinda like asking toyota to build a nissan because you’re unhappy with your current car… sorry you were offended by my response, but let’s handle the situation appropriately by posting what your issue is so there can be a resolution worked out.

Now, with that said, I do not use the mimocall feature, I use NDI because the presentations I’ve done are all local, so I use an app on an old iPhone and capture the live signal. Skype now offers NDI out, so I would suggest giving that a try as that program is already cross platform. Call in via Skype and use the NDI output or virtual webcam output & see if that is more stable for you.

@kmac1036 I wasnt offended nor asking for that not at all, just for an improvement, Thank you though.
Skype is a bit more preparation than just sharing a link but i do use it from time to time.

@203 oh for sure, last update has been awhile. tried using any of the google services yet? those would be cross platform friendly & could capture those either locally or from a mobile device. possibly easier to share than the skype.

The invitation link expires after a certain period of inactivity. I think it is 30 days, but it could be much shorter.

We haven’t seen this yet. Can you please send me the crash logs?

On Android, you should be able to use Chrome just like on a Windows PC for mimoCall.

Yes, there is a vast pool of options. Boinx alone seems to ship rock solid streaming apps for Apple platforms. All the rest – there are too many horror stories out there of instability, and I’ve seen too much of it myself watching industry professionals make mistakes in their own streams. I’m glad Boinx is not spreading their development focus too thin. I love features and capabilities, but stability and reliability has to come before all else.