Mimolive remote app for ios - Ethernet connection

Grateful for the addition of this App, thank you.
Today we attempted to use the app on the iPad via ethernet connection so we are not reliant on wifi to run the show remote, using the app, Mimo failed to appear while using an ethernet connection. It was possible to connect using Chrome on the iPad with an Ethernet connection.
Is this something that has been written out or is missing from the app? Or any suggestions to why this was not achievable.
It would be preferable to use the app rather than a browser.

@winnie You’re absolutely right, the app is preferable to the browser. You mean that mimoLive is connected via Ethernet and the iPad is still on Wifi? Or do you connect the iPad via Ethernet? How?

Hi Oliver. Both the Mac and Ipad are wired via Ethernet. You can use a lightningm to USB 3 camera adaptor and a USB to Ethernet adaptor. In settings Ethernet wil appear in the menu for network settings. Eliminates the risk of wifi drop out and the iPad will happily run on the wired network in aeroplane mode and DND both activated.

@winnie Ah, I see. We’ve never tested this setup but there is no reason why it shouldn’t work if the Ethernet you’re connected to is properly set up.

Oliver, So for whatever reason that shall hopefully remain unknown, after powering up the system today Mimo was instantly recognised by the APP using the Ethernet connection.

@winnie Glad to hear that! Networking is just one letter away from Notworking…