MimoLive not finding comments from iPhone

Is anyone else fining this odd behaviour with Facebook comments.
On a test page, Facebook comments behave as expected when made on a computer.
Comments made on an iPhone do not appear in the computer browser window until the browser is refreshed. Only comments made on a computer appear in the MimoLive comments window. Comments originating from an iPhone don’t appear at all.
Given that iPhone comments only appear in a computer browser after a refresh, is there a way of refreshing the mimoLive comments window?

In relation to facebook comments not appearing, I get this error message when starting up MimoLive:

Error Message

what version of ML are you on?

Using ML 4.7

ok, the older versions have had API issues that needed fixed. I keep having issues with youtube. Sometimes waiting a day fixes it, but this week I had to do a manual SMTP connection. I don’t think you have any manual options for FB though…