mimoLive Licensing Model

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           <p>Dear Customers,  We\\'ve recently announced that mimoLive (previously BoinxTV) will be available with a time-based licensing model. We didn\\'t come to  ...</p>
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Well, for me, this licensing model basically killed my plans for using mimo Live. I am about to start 2 new projects which would’ve heavily relied on using mimo Live - if it was affordable. Now I’m just falling back to the BoinxTV-License I already own.

I’m a small, independent developer and I am on a tight budget right now. Not even with the early bird-sale beta tester discount - that lasts till 31st of December - End of year sales are horrible in general - I can pump up the 400€ you guys want from me - for the first year - all at once.

If there was something like a subscription plan where I could pay it on a monthly basis, however, things wouldn’t look that bad out of the sudden. 400€ a year makes 34€ a month. That’s something I could get along with.

Right at this very moment, mimo Live died for me. Long live BoinxTV.

I must say, I totally agree with Gruni. On the one hand side i understand the economic idea behind the change of the licensing model - and of course boinx is not a charity organisation. On the other hand side i am afraid, that a considerable amount of user will move to another product because of the dramatic increase of cost considering a longer period of time.
Why not offering a “Support”-Licensing model? For example, buy it and recieve updates for one year - but keep a functioning software afterwards! That’s so important for people who haven’t got so much money but would like to practise an interesting hobby or for public institutions like youth center.
And i am sure that major updates would generate new customers, anyhow.

In conclusion, for me, it is totally disappointing with the intended licensing modell that you will be forced to buy on and on to keep a functioning software.

I planned to develop a kind of school-TV for my new school following the “best-practise examples” on your homepage. But in the way it is planned now with mimolive it suddenly is unaffordable for me and my school. That’s really sad.

I’m going to bail. I need to assess what my needs really are. I bought into this application because I thought I’d use it and I really haven’t. I haven’t owned a Mac with discrete graphics in ages which means I miss out on some features. I think I really need a fancy screen capture app which I’ve found several of, etc. Bottomline is I just don’t use this enough to warrant an upgrade. I’m also not big into the subscription model either. Presently I have Microsoft and Adobe subscriptions - the latter I plan on getting rid of once it renews. I found replacements for most of what I have from Adobe. just like I’ll find a replacement for this too. Good luck!