mimoLive Layer Feature Request - Fotomagico

I’m an enthusiastic mimoLive newbie, thrilled to get up to speed so effortlessly.

With a few livestream broadcasts under my belt with no glitches, my confidence is up and stress is down.

One thing I’d love to see is a Fotomagico Player layer in mimoLive. I’ve loved Fotomagico for years, and since my live streams will often incorporate still images, it would be great to bring some of the power of Fotomagico into mimoLive to improve presentation of still photographs.

@“Danny Grizzle” Thank you for the kind words. It’s great to hear that you’re getting the livestreams done. Thank you also for the feature request. Of course, it has occurred to us that it would be a great idea to be able to live stream FotoMagico slideshows or to be able to use FotoMagico slideshows in your broadcasts. We do have a plan to support this in FotoMagico 6, but it’s going to be a while.

I typically use Fotomagico for silent looping images on venue projection systems, preshow - intermission - post show at concerts, for instance.

The one difference with Fotomagico in mimoLive is I would be typically cutting video away from a live presenter doing a voiceover and talking about the images.

I love the beautiful Ken Burns type effects in Fotomagico, but it worries me in a live stream if the presenter wants to talk a bit longer on a given slide than the automatic timings setup in advance in the Fotomagico show.

Also, what to do when the presenter wants to back up to a previous image.

Yesterday, I was asked if I could zoom into an image.

Something like Mouseposé would obviously be great in a live stream.

Ideas like these are easy, design and implementation are hard. I’m sure Roman Centurions spent their idle moments dreaming of flying like a bird.

Whatever enhancements can be added to still image handling in mimoLive will be very welcome!

@“Danny Grizzle” I think FM would be a great integration, but you could use PhotoPresenter as a work around for the time being on an iOS device since they support NDI output now & would be simple enough to add to your workflow without added capture hardware https://boinx.com/blog/post/photopresenter-for-ios-adds-ndi-playout

@kmac1036 Excellent suggestion!

I’m 4 months into this studio build project. You’ve reminded me about PhotoPresenter, which I recall from my early research and planning. In fact, PhotoPresenter’s capabilities were included in the promises I made about things we could do during live streams. Thanks for jogging my memory… I’d forgotten this was a Boinx product.

@“Danny Grizzle” @kmac1036 I love it when our customers know our products better than we do! :slight_smile:

haha @“Oliver (Boinx)” don’t worry, you’re still one of the resident experts around here. @“Danny Grizzle” it could possibly be something the presenter could use & they could pick the shots to match up with what they’d like to cover at that moment too if that’s something your subject would want to do.