Hello guys, Mimolive is swiftly becoming a must use for me and all my friends in the video industry here in the Caribbean. Something we all have been asking for a long time now is whether mimolive is ever going to implement an instant replay feature. I can think of soo much instances where we have to use this feature but cannot. What we do to get playback is to briefly stop the recording and play the recorded file. Please give this some attention Mimolive is the future.

@Zairo243 Thank you for using mimoLive. It’s good to hear that it works well for you. I think we will have to make a business trip to the Caribbean soon… :wink:

The new mimoLive Sports Graphics pack includes a simple Instant Replay feature. You can try it in demo mode, just download mimoLive 4.4.1 or newer. Let me know what you think.

Actually we didn’t shipped the Instant Replay layer with the version 4.4.1 - Sorry! It will be in the next update!

@Zairo243 The Instant Replay layer is in the latest beta 4.5b2. Please download this version and try it! Feedback highly appreciated!


Documentation: https://docs.mimo.live/docs/instant-replay