MimoLive Crashing when MimoCall is Disconnected!


I have discovered a bit of an issue here with MimoCall when running version 5.9.1

Firstly some MimoCalls do not connect straight away and I have to go to the cog in the MimoCall and Reconnect to Partner for it to work.

Also when MimoCalls are disconnected by the caller when the call has finishes it crashes MimoLive and it closes the entire application.

Naturally as you can imagine that means I have to keep constantly saving my project and also there is a chance it could corrupt the recordings I am doing.

Can this be looked at as matter of urgency please!



Hi Mark, I’m sorry that you experience this problem and of course we will look into this as a matter of urgency. Can you please send me the Crash Reports? https://mimolive.com/manual/5/en/topic/crash-reports

We’ve experienced the same issue

Same here. Just sent crash report to support email. Also have gone back to v5.9 because of issues connecting mimoCall. Was slightly better in 5.9 but not as quick as usual. Is there anything new or different with the servers after last Sunday (Jan 3)?

Hello everyone,

Over the past week, I had reports from a couple of mimoCall guests that they could only connect by using the Beta version (there’s a link “Click to try out the new beta version” at the bottom of the screen in every mimoCall page).

You can also include "/beta/"in the invitation link to send your guests directly to the Beta version. For example, instead of




Best regards,

Any update on this? I am also experiencing the same issue on both the Beta and production versions.

The issue with the crashes when the mimoCall is disconnected should be resolved in mimoLive 5.10b3. If you have this issue, please get mimoLive 5.10b3 and verify that it has been resolved.