mimoLIVE causing restarts


I recently just got back from the Apple Store from a Genius Bar appoint to take a look at our video designated iMac that has been recently restarting. It came back with no hardware issues whatsoever and they restored the computer. The computer is still restarting and I have narrowed the issue down. It seems that whenever I use any type of camera, FaceTime camera or external switcher, the program spikes in CPU% (65%-126%), as well as the VTEncoderXPCService (21%-60%)thus eventually causing a whole computer freeze and then restarts. This only happens when any camera source is put into program. It only happens with a camera as an active video source. We overlay graphics and text from a separate iMac using a video capture device and does not trigger the restart alone, while camera sources do. The iMac is a late 2019 model with 64GB RAM, intel i9 9th gen, Radeon AMD Vega Graphics Card, and 2TB of storage. For external hardware, Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro, Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen, monitor hdmi out adapter, U3 Video grabber for graphic and texts from separate computer. We live to stream to at least two sources, while also recording, having a full screen output to other monitor, and two audio monitoring sources. Any help would be greatly appreciated.