Mimolive and Linkedin

Is there the ability to broadcast to Linkedin?

In theory, mimoLive can stream to any service using RTMP for ingest, which LinkedIn does.

However, as far as I know, LinkedIn isn’t providing the RTMP info directly and restricts access to the their API to a few vendors. Unfortunately, despite a lot of effort, we have not been able to make them let us use the API. If you have a LinkedIn contact, please send them a note that you’d really like to use mimoLive and that might change their mind.

Hello there, @w7avtcbvkg

I’ve been broadcasting to LinkedIn from mimoLive using http://restream.io. You can use RTMP from mimoLive to Restream, and then Restream sends your stream to LinkedIn. It’s free, but they will prepend “Multistreaming with restream.io” or something like that to your video description.

A few months ago, as soon as I my application got accepted, I sent a long e-mail message to LinkedIn recommending mimoLive. As you would expect, I got a generic reply. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hi Gustavo, thanks for pointing out this simple solution. And thanks for taking the time to let LinkedIn know you’d like to see mimoLive supported!

@Oliver_Boinx You’re very welcome, always a pleasure to help! Cheers