MimoLive and Camtwist

I was using Boinx with Camtwist very successfully.

In the first MomoLive Beta it worked also, but now with the latest Beta I receive vertical stripes instead of a clear picture.

Any ideas?


Sorry I forgot: my latest Beta is Version 2.0b9 (20018)

Just to be sure, what do you use Camtwist for in connection with mimoLive?

I just tried and it works fine using Camtwist 3.1 beta. Please make sure you are sending the correct aspect ratio matching the aspect ratio of camtwist.

I can’t figure out how to get the Mimolive signal back into Camtwist. Before I had to download and install a sender package. How do I get CT to see it? Want to use it with web browser as a virtual cam imput.

If there is a built in way to use mimolive as a virtual camera in chrome I’d really like to know. I used Boinx 1.0 and Cam Twist this way, but now it does not work.