mimoLive 5.9 mimoCall unstable

We’ve tried 5.9b4 as well as the release of 5.9 (the one offered by the in-app updater), and with both we have an issue where, within a few minutes of starting the call, both audio and video between me and my cohost, John, starts to fall apart. We’re both using mimoLive. I’m hosting the call and he is calling me from within the app.

Usually it’s my audio to him that gets “cylon-ish”, and his video to me freezes. We tried it last week (with 5.9.b4) and this week (with 5.9 release) and both act exactly the same way. In both instances, we immediately rolled back to 5.8 and the call then went flawlessly for the next two hours.

Hi Dave, Thanks for your continued patience as we work on these issues.

Currently, the mimoLive to mimoLive mimoCall goes out of sync if you do a “Reconnect to peer” on the host end. This can only be fixed by restarting mimoLive on the caller’s end. We’re working on this.

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Thanks, Oliver!

We’ve also experienced this sync symptom you describe, but it’s definitely more than that, too: the call itself (sans resync) is unstable after just a few minutes.

moreover my dear @Oliver_Boinx, I comment that Facebook comments are not appearing, there are many people who liked that function. What can we do?

Same here. We experienced Problems in connection with mimoCalls in 5.9 and 5.9.1 of mimoLive.
The connection doesn’t establish well on the first try and after an different amount of time, mimolive as app crashes completely. In runs stables for hours if we don’t try an mimoCall. But after a mimoCall was initiated, mimoLive crashed after a time between 33 minutes and an hour.

We switched back to 5.8. and everything worked fine and stable.

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@Oliver_Boinx I have a delay (video delayed from audio) on MimoCall. The delay increase with time.

Checking in on this here: Is there anything in 5.10b1 that is aimed to address this instability of mimoCall, introduced with 5.9? Happy to re-test, of course, but have been on 5.8 in the interim.

Hi Dave, there will be in 5.10b2.

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Same issues here with MimoCall and 5.9.b1. Instable, unable to connect most of the time. Went back to 5.7 and allnis working fine. Not tried 5.8 yet, but will use 5.7 as we are heading towards a live show in a few days. No room for testing (and errors) anymore. Hope MimoCall can be fixed soon.

Just as a heads-up: we (finally) moved from 5.8 to 5.10b3 last week, and had a successful session (for reference, no successful sessions were had with anything 5.9-related). This week we’ll try with the 5.10 release.

Very good! Let me know how it goes!

We’ve now had two successful shows with 5.10 release. It is at least as stable as 5.8 was, and perhaps moreso. :clap:

Good to hear. It should definitely be moreso!

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