Mimocam landscape

I’m using mimocam in iPhone6 as a secondary camera, but when the phone is in landscape mode, mimolive show rounded corners and do not show fullscreen camera. Anyone with similar issue?

Thanks, Christian

Hello, I have the same problem but worst, in every new iPhone without home button, the home indicator is shown in landscape mode in addition of the rounded corners, not using the entire viewport of the iPhone and thus showing a dreadful black border around the image. Please fix it ASAP.

Hi @Christian_Cabarrocas and @germanyague. Thank you for using mimoLive, mimoCam and for reaching out. We will fix the issues soon.

@germanyague as a temporary workaround you could disable the home indicator with the “Guided Access” iOS feature shown here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbuyYWv1JLw

It gets the job done in other apps.

Addiitonally, each layer in mimoLive allows cropping in “Geomerty”. These are all temporary workarounds since we are testing and bug fixing video/audio in mimoCall this week.

Yes. I tried all that. I’m actually doing your second suggestion, cropping the image. Disabling the home indicator did half the trick because it hid it, but the black frame was still there.

We’ll wait for an update. Thanks @Mladen_Bekavac