MIMOCAM IOS APP stops sending video

Hello All,

I just wanted to post about an experience that I have been happening using MIMOCAM, the IOS app that turns your IOS device into a simple live camera.

The Problem I was having:

After launching the MIMOCAM app, I started noticing that my iPhone would stop broadcasting after approximately 5 minutes. Obviously, not something you want to see happen during a live broadcast. I currently use a iphone 7 plus, with IOS version 10.3.2 installed.

The cause, and a unconventional solution:

So sure, I went into settings>Display & Brightness>Autolock thinking that I simply had to tell the phone not to lock by selecting “Never”. However, that option wasn’t available. The highest amount of time that I could select was 5 minutes. So I started thinking, why was this? Was it a change when 10.3.2 was released? It didn’t make sense to me.

So I reached out to Apple. What they told me was that (for some reason) if you have a microsoft outlook account set up on your phone, (which I do for work) it disables the option of “never” as a choice to allow the phone user to manually lock the phone with the sleep/wake button.

“Now what?” I thought. I needed a way to force the phone to stay live to use it as a video source in Mimo live. Here is what i came up with…

1.) You can’t use the MIMOCAM IOS app.

2.) Launch the native camera app. frame your subject, and press record. This action forces the phone to stay live as long has you have enough hard drive space on the phone. Acts like a ISO camera in a multi-Cam situation.
3.) Use the geometry wheels in Mimolive to crop the video os that you can’t see the HUD interface of the iPhone.


1.) Because you have to crop, you won’t get the benefit of a full frame like you do using the MIMOCAM IOS app.

2.) The native camera app on the iPhone generates square reticles around subjects for the facial recognition features of the phone, and these cannot be turned off.

3.) Apple claims that if you uninstall outlook from your IOS device, the “Never” option will return under the “auto lock” setting. However if you need outlook for mail, then this is not a convenient option.

Hope this helps…

@studiomike007 Thanks for sharing your findings. I’m sorry to hear that mimoCam is not working in these circumstances. Of course, we developed it specifically to remedy the drawbacks you found to using the on-board camera app… :wink:

It’s fascinating that Apple allows anyone, including Microsoft, to modify some of the basic overall iOS device security parameters. Albeit 5 minutes is more secure than never, but still …