mimocam - does it send audio?

Was wondering if the Mimocam app sends any audio & if so what can it send? I’d like to hook up an external mic via the scarlett 2i2 & use the apple usb3 adapter (lightning). Thank you.

trying to find a workaround for the popping issue on the USB audio capture devices.

@kmac1036 mimoCam does not transmit audio. I also think that this would be a bad workaround, because the Wifi ads more problems like delay and noise.

We’ve recently been made aware of audio issues with the new Macs with a T2 chip. I’m not sure if I notified you about that already? The gist is that there is a bug either in the Mac hardware or macOS that leads to popping noises on USB devices when the timed is running. The workaround is to turn off timed by switching off the auto time zone and auto time synch, at least temporarily. Can you please try that and let me know if that helped?

@“Oliver (Boinx)” I’ll double check that, but my Mac is a 2011 MBP, so the T2 chip isn’t the issue for me, but will make sure the auto time sync is off. I’m also looking at using the NDICam app on an iPhone. Connection wouldn’t be wifi, I’m buying the adapters to make it Ethernet (All Apple branded USB3 to lighting, Ethernet to USB & 2m lighting cable). I found a USB 3 pcie card I’m going to try in the Thunderbolt chassis as well.