MimoCall issues on iOS - Any Ideas

Getting frustrated with trying to make MimoCall work for our broadcast. We’re this close, but hitting a couple walls.

MimoCall doesnt seem to be working for us on the ipad or iphone.

  • there seems to be a connection back to MimoLive “conected to partner” - I can even get audio sometimes, but there is no video visible in the layout window. tried on ipad and iphone.

  • also, the one time it did work, on the iphone, the ‘mirror’ video window totally covered the return video from mimocall! How is that supposed to work?? Is there any way to turn that off?


Mimolive 5.5, Catalina
iOS 13.4

Hi Phil, Thanks for giving mimoLive a try and for joining the forum.

Are you using the mimoLive Reporter app on iOS? That is the preferred way to do mimoCall with an iOS device.

If the connection isn’t properly established on first try, it helps to click on “reconnect to peer” in mimoLive to force mimoCall to renegotiate the connection to your caller.