mimoCall continuously resizing in custom mode

Hello everyone,
We are working with mimoLIVE for our digital events, everything seems pretty smooth for basic AV setup.
As soon as we create some windows and some custom configurations, we put mimoCALLs in custom size.
The calls use the WEBRTC protocol, the image we get is always connected to the input resolution of the raw audio / video stream, so with a non-stable internet connection, the guest is always resizing in the PGM output (becoming smaller and bigger, based on the input resolution we are receiving in that moment). Is there a way to lock or constrain in some way?

Thank you

Hi Andrea, Thanks for using mimoLive!

This is a property of the layer you’re using. For example, if you use a Split Screen layer for your mimoCalls, the layer will define the area the caller is visible in and if the resolution changes, the caller will retain the optical size.

If you’re using a PiP for the caller, try switching to the PiP Window layer. This layer defines an area that the source will fill instead of a position like the PiP layer.

I was having this problem too. Just to confirm (I think this is the solution) Use PIP window, use the white bars to identify the area of the screen you want to fill with the caller’s camera and then choose fit to window instead of custom size. Using custom size in any layer will result in the video changing size depending on the bandwidth of the caller’s upload.