Mimocall Beta experiences

I have experimented with the new mimocall beta today. The new UI improvements are spot on.

I did have some issues with the camera permissions. If the call was “reconnected” it would not always prompt to “allow” camera permissions, which would result in grey feed.

I like that it runs on iOS for those situations where installing an app is problematic.

I hope that the Reporter App inherits this new UI because that is the only way to get a local record.

Nice work Gentlemen.

Agree that all changes are VERY welcome. Awesome job for all involved! Looks much more professional and the ability to hide the self view is very nice – I wish that there was a way to automate turning off the self view when the user is “live”… but at least they can do it now!

I too am curious to know if the mimoReporter app will be getting a similar/matching upgrade.

Currently, there are no plans for that.

Is there an advantage to using the mimoCall on a browser on an iPhone over using mimoReporter?

Not in general, but the web client has a bunch more features like swapping camera and return feed and moving them around.