Mimocall Audio Recording

I use mimoLive in a variety of ways, one of my use cases is using it as a recorder for a podcast that I produce for one of my clients. I do a separate file recording of each of the incoming mimocalls (usually 3-5 calls). For the video and audio source I use the respective mimocall input. I also do a separate recording of the program output. My expectation is that in the program output would have the audio mixed as per my program. I was expecting however that each of the mimocall recordings would ONLY have the audio from that call and I would need to use the program output to sync them all…BUT instead each of the mimocall recordings seem to have the program output rather than the isolated audio. I have triple checked that I only have the call selected on the respective file recording settings. Any thoughts?

Just bumping this up. This continues to be a problem. The mimoCall audio seems to be the program output audio instead. I have worked around this by creating a separate audio mix for each caller, but it is a bit of a pain for what should be straight forward!

Is anyone else having this issue? @Oliver_Boinx this has been an annoyance for several versions now. Is this unique to me?

Hi @Kebbel sorry for the inconvenience. It is sort of unique as it only seems to happen in rare circumstances. A big overhaul of Audio is on our to-do list and already partly underway.

Sounds good! Again, it’s just an annoyance, and when I forget, it can lead to challenging recordings to deal with! :slight_smile: