mimoCall and sharing documents

Myself and my business partner have two licences for mimoLive. We sometimes share documents back and forth, which generally works great! However, when mimoCalls are involved we get “unauthorized” on the mimoCalls when the document is shared. Is there any way to overcome this? It’s trivial to regenerate a new ID, but sometimes we share IDs in advance with guests and creating a new ID causes confusion.

This is obviously a good security feature, but can we link our licences somehow to be able to share mimoCall links?

If both instances are using the same boinx connect account then it works fine.

Ah yes of course… I was focussing on the licence, not the boinx connect account… is there any way for both my business partner and I to have separate boinx connect accounts, but to share mimoCalls?

Not that I am aware. This was my work around.

I would like to see some way of manually adding Mimo URL to document for those times you are re-using links.