MIMO Live Crashing Daily at Children's Creativity Museum (Formerly Zeum)

Hello All,

My name is Tom and I’m the Exhibits Development Manager at the Children’s Creativity Museum (formerly Zeum) in San Francisco, CA. We have a Music Studio exhibit that uses MIMO Live, formerly Boinx TV, for our green screen karaoke music videos. Unfortunately since upgrading, MIMO Live crashes on us at least once a day even after upgrading to a brand new iMac. There seems to be no specific action that I can determine that is causing the crashes.

We also extensively use iStopmotion on both desktops in our Animation Studio and on iPads for our school groups and workshops. We were featured in a Boinx Article back in 2012. @“Achim (Boinx)” I believe you visited the museum as well. Max Christ, who I believe was a Boinx developer has also visited our museum with his family.

I’m hoping that we can get some support from the Boinx team to find the cause of these crashes. We have been saving crash logs but there’s no way to attach them to a discussion post. Thanks so much in advance for the help.


@Tomas Great to hear from you! We are huge fans of the Children’s Creativity Museum ans I’ve visited multiple times. I’ll contact you privately to set up a remote troubleshooting session.

Thanks Oliver! We’re big fans of your software as well!