Memory problems

I run MimoLive version 2.0b9 (20018).
When I start the program, I have about 27 GB memory free.
Suddenly I have only 17 MB memory free. And then the program freeze.
Is this a known issue?

Not for me

I use it for hours, several times, and didn’t had this issue

Are you streaming with mimoLive? we recently dicovered a memory leak once streaming. We are not sure where it comes from yet.

I only use MimoLive to send graphics as a key/fill-signal thru a Blackmagic Ultrastudio 4K. No video into the program. No streaming.
I choose «External» as Keying mode in the Playback settings.

You can see the memory disappearing her:
Link to video on

Password: mimo

The memory problem is gone in 2.0b12 (20293)
Used it for a live today. Worked great!