Media Playlist sequence problem

I experienced a media playlist issue on my last live stream which was quite disruptive to say the least. Namely, the video source selected in the playlist did not consistently play when the Layer stack “playlist” went live. I ensured that speaker icon with little sound waves was visible indicating that file was selected as next in the queue but often a different file played on “live” - not a good thing.
After a great deal of time trying to reproduce the exact circumstances it appears that it is related to selecting various layers in the layers stack without making them live. Sometimes, but not always, the act of doing that adds a second playlist file to the queue, that is I now see TWO files with the speaker icon. When the playlist is set to live… the topmost file plays.
Unfortunately in my case I had a great many video files in my playlist so never go to see the rouge selection as it was higher in the list and off the screen. It was only upon creating a test short list of clips that I could see it happening. image showing double file selected attached I also have a screen recording of the problem being created.

@sbpi.mail Thank you for using mimoLive and I’m sorry to hear that your experience wasn’t up to the expectations.

Can you please send us a link to the screen recording and maybe the test case file so we can reproduce it? If we can reproduce it, chances are high that we can fix it.

Thanks for your support!

Hello Oliver, here is a link to short screen recording. You’ll see that in the first instance, a second play next/speaker icon is created, further toggling of the layer (in preview NOT making Live) shifts the play next clip.

@sbpi.mail This issue will be fixed in the next beta version (5.9b2).