max exported file size for FM 3.8 and 4.0?

It looks like FM may be able to do all the styling and formatting I need for an important project.

I am comparing 2 movies, I have about 60 clips from each and they average about 13 meg.

I want to have 2 clips on a page (so maybe 26 meg 0n average) and have the first clip play and then the second.

But some pages will have longer clips and then it might be 60-80 meg of clips on the page.

All told with ancillary pages I expect that I might have 2 gig of data in the project.

Is FM comfortable with, and capable of, dealing with a project this big?

I have used products in the past that were fine until you got the file large enough and then they just puked and/or become extremely slow for any editing functions.

If this is asking too much of FM, what is a reasonable target size for a project?

I will be narrating the presentation, live, so I could have it cut up into smaller sequential files if needed (but would prefer to have just the 1).

Thanks for any info.


FotoMagico’s document structure is physically a folder on your disc. So the limit of the size of that folder is the size of your hard drive. Depending on the CPU capabilities FotoMagico should be able to playback your movie files with no problem.