Mavericks and BoinxTV

Hello. I’ve been avoiding an upgrade to Mavericks specifically to avoid running into issues with BoinxTV. Now that FCPX 10.1 requires Mavericks to run, I need to make the jump. Can anyone confirm that BoinxTV will run on Mavericks without issue? My typical BoinxTV workflow includes DV camera input with Soundflower and Camtwist to send to streaming services (Ustream, Skype, etc.). Any input from experienced BoinxTV with Mavericks users would be much appreciated. Is it okay to make the leap?

It is ok to make the leap. It works great. I ran into a screen capture bug with the 1.9.5 update of the Sponsor Edition but other than that, it works great.

Thank you. Do happen to use Camtwist to send your signal to a streaming device? I had heard that workflow was no longer functioning. If that works, I’ll pull the trigger.

The issue with Camtwist and Mavericks is App Nap. As soon as Camtwist is hidden or minimized, Mavericks thinks it should be put to sleep…rendering your video feed blank. Right click on the Camtwist icon in “Applications” and select “Prevent App Nap”. Problem solved.