Matrox and Boinx


Can someone just be honest, and reply to Matrox questions? Such as… will Boinx and Matrox work together currently? Because if not, I just wasted $1500 on Matrox because Boinx has always indicated that it works with Matrox hardware. Only so far all that happens is this alert when attempting to enable a camera connected with a Matrox MXO2 LE…

The device “Matrox MXO2 LE TAD99647”
could not be opened because it is in use by
another application.

Stop any operations that are using the device
“Matrox MXO2 LE TAD99647”, wait for those operations to
complete, or quit the application using the device.

What can be done about this? Are Boinx and Matrox unable to work together now? Just say so if that’s the truth. It’s been 3 months now that I’ve been waiting for the latest update and it’s still only getting that same message. Nothing else is running or using Matrox that can be seen. Boinx and Matrox are losing me, if anyone cares.

Please reply soonest. Will Boinx work with Matrox at present?


Matrox is a no go. They changed the driver it only works with what they specify. It’s proprietary to specific apps now & BoinxTV isn’t one of them.


Yes, thanks. That is true. Thing is, when I made the Matrox purchase, the website still indicated that it worked with Boinx. I am really very unhappy with Matrox. What I was told is that Matrox is Quicktime incompatible now.

Any advice on video capture hardware that would work with Boinx? I want to also use this hardware with Adobe apps. I want to be rid of this Matrox crap altogether.

Blackmagic decklinks work’s great for me…

Hi. Thanks for all this. Much appreciated.

I also have a very expensive matrox paperweight: the Matrox MXO…

I was looking for an SDI output for Boinx.

Later I realized that Matrox left the MXO support, and there only Lion is supported…

BlackMagic Design all the way. I got an MXO2 as well. Bought it used. I’m not out the full price, but it’s still upsetting to say the least.

My thanks to all of you. Matrox should really work on fixing this incompatibility issue. It’s limiting folks that have already bought in and if one is like me, I am not forgiving of having my money wasted and my workflows screwed up.