Match music to slides

I am doing my first FM slideshow. How do I loop my music to continue playing until the last slide? The music is just a bit too short, and I want to extend it. Is that possible?

Si, nelle opzioni audio devi spuntare “Audio loops” poi estendi la traccia sotto a tutte le diapositive.

Just drag the end of the song to repeat

When I drag the end of the song it removes it from the start of the slides.

Hi Clicks
You have first to select the audio track
When the cursor is modified drag to the right side and it appears the picto of the loop.
The beginning don’t change. See the screenshot:

Before you loop the audio, you should edit out any dead sound at both ends. I use GarageBand to do this.

Hi Paratoner, how to you do that with 2 audio tracks in the slideshow. In my case, I select BOTH audio tracks and then match but the slide duration of slides above audio track two are the only ones that are adjusted, not the slide duration of the slides above audio track 1.

Select just ONE track and the slides you want associated with it, then do the Match Slide Duration to Audio function. Then do it again with the second track and the slides you want associated with that track. Don’t try and select BOTH tracks and all the slides at the same time. It’s not a big issue if the slide durations for the slides for the first track don’t match the durations for the slides for the second track, assuming they are “close enough.” If they seem really different, then you either have to add more slides or delete slides where appropriate to get the durations to match over the entire presentation.