Masks problem

Try adding a rectangular mask to say a graphic which is the size of a lower 3rd - nothing happens. Oh, forgot to say you have to "invert it 1st to see the base layer but then try to adjust the softness zilch happens to the shape as expected. Now the mask and softness features work great on a full screen layer so something is amiss. I did try the Oval mask too but still nothing.
Over to anyone else that would like to try it.

As an addition the graphic is layer 1 of 3
1 Text
2 lower 3rd png graphic
3 jpeg photo already with it’s own mask.

Comments welcome

I can answer it myself but by pure luck.

I added a mask to a graphic and it did not appear even when inverted box was selected.

I eventually found the mask location by selecting mask from the Layer /Mask Edit button and found the mask was nowhere near my layer. It was in fact a tiny blue box near the top right of the frame. This was default so something to be aware of.