Masks no longer defaults to NONE

V5.6.14 The Masks in the Options tab defaults at Rectangular instead on None, why is this happening?

I tried everything to duplicate what you described and I can’t get it to occur. Mine always defaults to None. I thought maybe if the “last” mask created was a Rectangle and then the file was saved, or at least the app was stopped, that when it restarted it would default to Rectangle, but that didn’t happen. It always defaults to None.

I don’t know if this will solve it, but I have a suggestion. And it will probably change any settings you have established in your Preferences and default back to their original options. Try using AppCleaner (it’s free) and remove everything related to FM 5.6.14 (especially the “com.Boinx.FotoMagico5.plist” files in your ~/Library/Preferences folder), Then re-install the software and try again. That might fix it.