Masks in FM 4 4.2.1 -- more suggestions...

Appreciate all the fixes to masking in 4.2.1!!

Nice that the mask is in blue and the image is in white, but would still like to see BOTH the image box AND the mask box for that image AT THE SAME TIME when an image is selected.

It makes it easier to adjust the mask to an image if the edges of the box are showing, or at least to give a visual idea of where each is in relation to the other.

Is it not possible in coding to determine WHICH box the user wants to edit when the arrow is over one of the corner or center points of either of the boxes automatically? I CAN see a problem if the corner point of the mask, say, is sitting on top of a corner point of the image – which does the user want to use in that case? Maybe holding down a key (command? option? control?) allows the user to select which point to use – either image or box?

And – would still like to see the mask edges “snap” to other objects in the working area with an audible click and a guideline, the same as images already do (horizontals, verticals, and centers).

Still – I like the updates :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feature request. I put it on our list!