where do I find the Fotomagico 4 manual?
I’ve just purchased it - I was previously a Pro-show Gold user. That came with a full manual and demonstrations on ‘How to…’ (for free)
Does Fotomagico have any support - except for $99 tutorials?

:-L Je suis d’accord avec kiwiph, un logiciel de ce niveau doit avoir un manuel en ligne…

Is there an answer to the above question-in English?

Hi there, the Help covers all technical aspects and the features of the software. I am open to suggestions for improvements and I would be grateful if you could suggest a list of topics for How to’s.

I find it frustrating that when I type commonly used words into the help search - nothing comes up - e.g. narration,

What I believe users would like to have is the online Help put into a PDF file so that they can print it out (or browse it online). This is what Adobe does with Lightroom and Photoshop.

When you are first learning to use a program, it can often help to just scan through the manual so that you get a quick idea of the key features.

I believe there are documentation programs that can make the conversion for you.