Making Screen Source zone smaller

I’ve found that there are some small screen zones I need to capture that are smaller than the screen source window will go. Is there any tweak that will allow the Screen Source to go smaller than 260x50? The 50 height is fine, but I can’t seem to get it smaller than 260 wide. Thanks!

Oh, and I know the images are small, but they work so I’m not too concerned about quality. I just want to grab a very specifically-sized space (like the little Google Hangout panes that are a bit narrower than 260 pixels).


Unfortunately this is the current minimal size you can capture from screen in BoinxTV 1.9. I will investigate why this limit is set.

No problem. Using the placer and then cutting the margins from left and right did it instead. A little more of a pain, but it works.

We changed the minimum size to 50x50 pixel in BoinxTV Version 1.9.1. I hope this helps to remove the pain :wink: