Make Lasting Summer Memories with iStopMotion

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        <p>  In her round up of <a class='externallink' href=''>“Cool gear for summer photography”</a> in USA Today Tech, Alice Truong names <a class='externallink' href=''>iStopMotion</a> as a great way of recording beautiful time lapses. What better way to document all of your summer vacations, road trips and transformations?! Also great for a rainy day, iStopMotion is a fun way to spend time indoors animating your favorite every day objects and injecting life into what might otherwise be a boring day stuck inside.  Alice says:  “Compiling timelapse videos requires sifting through hundreds if not thousands of photos. This is quite a laborious process, made better with Boinx's iStopMotion applications for Apple desktops and iPads.  As the name suggests, the software is designed for animation and stop-motion movies. But it can handle timelapses beautifully as well in two ways. There's an option to capture frames as you're using the application. But if you're looking to shoot on location, dragging a laptop around might be too cumbersome, so the software includes an option...</p>
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Stopping down the f-stop from a f/5.6 to say an f/11 and lowering the ISO as low as you can go to enable you to shoot longer exposures can also give you phenomenally good results. Not every time lapse should include long exposures, but it’s always fun to experiment with shutter lengths.

Another plus to shooting longer exposures like (1/2 sec or longer) is you can maintain a lower frame rate, but still keep it apparently fluid even at 12fps. So if you are going to record for a long time, say the final quarter of a sport event, you can do it with less frames, but still cover the action. A side benefit is it saves your camera shutter from overuse, and saves space on your hard drive :slight_smile: