Major Download Problem

I have Fotomagico Toast 5 installed on my Mac (mid 2011) OS 10.12.3. It was purchased as part of Roxio Toast Titanium 15 Pro bundle that included Fotomagico 5. I just purchased an upgrade to Fotomagico 5 Pro from Boinx website. The purchase transaction was completed but the link that was sent to me was to download a copy of Fotomagico 5 not Fotomagico 15 Pro. What is going on? Why did I not get the correct software?

@TNNoah Thank you for purchasing the upgrade to FotoMagico 5 Pro.

The download for FotoMagico and FotoMagico Pro are the same. The additional features are unlocked by the license key you received after purchasing the upgrade. Just enter the license key as described in the email and your FotoMagico 5 will become a FotoMagico 5 Pro.

Thanks, your information solved my problem. Fotomagico 5 Pro works great.

Upgraded mine to fotomagico 5 pro recently through apple but it lacks features lile mask and borders, audio assist and timeline button.