Magma Short Film Festival Features Stop Motion Workshop

Here is a short report of Craig Lauridsen:

"We had prerecorded the audio for an 8 minute movie 'Special Crime
Unit' -the story has similarities to popular TV crime scene
investigation dramas, (CSI, NCIS, Bones etc).
On two separate days we had 12 children (aged 8 to 15 - only two had
any previous experience with stop motion) working in groups of three.
Each group was given a common set of Lego characters and a copy of the
soundtrack. Using iStopMotion's Soundtrack Offset feature we adjusted
the audio start point so each group could work on a different scene.

The room had a buzz of excitment as groups would hear different parts
of the soundtrack coming from the other tables. They knew that they
were each part of something much bigger than themselves. One child
said 'This is so exciting because I don't know what is going to happen
at the end of the story'. Although one other child found it a
challenge not to add things to the script, eg flying crocodiles down
the main street.

At the end of each day it was a quick 5 minute process to copy all
files into a Final Cut Pro template and have a screening for the whole
group and parents."

Here is the video the children produced:

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