Hey…new here. Wondering if someone can help. I have two elements on my boinx page. One is a real time clock and one is a text file that has TIME ZONE abbreviations. In each of these elements, I have multiple entries (for example, “EST” and the actual time, “CST” and the time minus one hour, etc.) How can I set up an auto rotation that changes both of these elements every 10 seconds??

thanks in advance.


You can’t do this natively in BoinxTV, I am afraid. If you are familiar with QuartzComposer (a technology by Apple) you can certainly create this by your own. Or you can hire us for to create a custom layer for you. Please have a look at the “Custom Layers” section on this page:

How about this…I reveal a lower third name by pressing a key, it slides on left to right. I press the key and it slides right to left…no problem. BUT, if I want to do NAME #1 and then immediately NAME #2, I have to press key one first and then key two OR the first name just cuts out. Any recommendations?


If you can use a fixed timing for the duration of your lower third you may stack three lower third layers on top of each other, the bottom for the background (running for 10 secs) the second for the first Name (running for 5 seconds) the third one with the second Name (running for 10 secs, but with a text delay of 5 secs). The second and the third layer don’t have a background image, they only move the texts. Setup all the layers to go live with the very same key short cut.

If you need this functionality in a single layer we would be happy to create a custom layer for you (fee applies, see for details).