Mac Pro Specs

I’m saving my pennies to purchase a Mac Pro. I’m going to use MimoLive to livestream on Youtube and also to record videos for my online education business. Can any experienced online video techies give me recommendations on what specs I should invest in?

Do I need 3.7GHz quad‑core, 3.5GHz 6‑core, 3.0GHz 8‑core, or 2.7GHz 12‑core? I assume I should max out the RAM and Video RAM, right?

I’m trying to balance cost and performance. The more it costs, the longer it will take me to save the money - I can’t go into debt for this. But I’m really sick of shooting and editing video with sub-par hardware. I’m using a MacBook Pro right now and it works OK, but it has only 2 USB ports, and FinalCut does act funny once in a while due to slow processor speed or insufficient video RAM (from what I’m told).

Thanks for your wisdom!

I actually have an 2010 5.1 one, with a windows GTX 660i video card.
The performance is outstanding

It’s a Mac Pro? What are its specs?

OK so you do have the six core. That’s the more expensive model but I really want “outstanding” performance! Thanks for sharing!