Mac Mini

I have a 2 month old Mac Mini (Snow Leopard) that I run with BoinxTV. What external device do I need in order to use multiple cameras with Boinx. Is it as simple as getting a firewire hub for the 2 cameras?

Normally one Firewire bus can only hold one camera (at least from the same vendor). Cameras from the same vendor tend to have the same firewire ID baked into the system and it can’t be changed. Like this the two cameras collide on the same bus and only one can be used. So in most of the cases you will need a dedicated bus for each camera. This is also why e.g. Firewire hubs don’t work. On a MacBookPro you can add a firewire expresscard to get a second bus and on a MacPro this can be done with multiple PCI-Express cards to gain multiple additional busses. Both cards can be found at
The MacMini cant be extended, sorry.

Fully agree with Bastian, but I’ve seen 2 cameras work on a FireWire hub, but there’s no guarantee it will work, see explanation above.

Let me also add that most Mac mini computers are not really capable enough for multiple full resolution cameras. Haven’t tried the latest model though…