Mac Mini improvements

I am using a Mac Mini 2018
3ghz 6 core i5
36 gb ram

It isn’t running as smooth as I would like. I’m trying to do a show with 2 cameras and a Mimo call. The audio and video get out of sync immediately. Would adding an external GPU help? Or is there anything else i can do to make Mimo run better?

Hi @joshsroka

If it’s a 6-core it should be an i7?

The eGPU will help some, but we would have to do a bit deeper analysis. Can you share the screenshot of the Render Performance Monitor, the Source performance monitor and a screenshot of the document?

It says i5, here are my screenshots but of course I don’t have a mimocall going right now

I think a few things would help:

  1. only use one 1920x1080 screen during mimoLive production
  2. or get an eGPU
  3. looks like the 336 chairs and 336 guys have way too high resolution

Can you share what the Split Screen contains because that is using all the computing time that you have. However, that doesn’t mean that the split screen is doing a lot it may be that the video is used for the first time and has to be decoded.

Thank you for the feedback. I wondered if the 4k monitor was using too much bandwidth. The graphics make sense i can render them smaller and i will research what egpu to add. Thanks.