Mac Desktop Advice

Okay, so I am new to Boinx TV and also fairly new to the world of Mac. I cannot afford a Mac Pro or a Macbook Pro at this time so I am trying to find an alternative.

The older Mac desktops are more affordable, and if I need to alter or add a new piece of hardware to the desktop, I am familiar with the inside of a desktop.

My question:

Older desktop… G5 Quad Core 2.5 or G5 with Intel?

Obviously the older desktops have limitations but in my own reasoning, the quad core would be ideal but the Intel gets much better reviews.

Since the G5 is older and does have limits (I think you can only have up to 8GB RAM), what would be an ideal system configuration?

How can I max out its potential?

I can buy all the parts separately if I have to and build from scratch, but I am on a limited budget.

Also we can’t recommend running BoinxTV on old hardware I will give you some hints what to care about:

  • Definitely get a Intel CPU: BoinxTV won’t run on PPC.
  • Get the biggest and fastest Graphics card you can afford. BoinxTV is taking advantage of the GPU by rendering everything on it.
  • Look out for a high bus bandwidth. We are pushing a lot of video data through it, so the bus speed is very important.
  • Memory: currently BoinxTV is a 32-bit-application and only can use 4GB RAM max, so 8 GB should be enough if you don’t run too much other applications in the background.


Any plans to release a 64bit version?